FOR 2018?!!!


Every year we analyze the breeding records of all the breeding stock and eliminate all birds that have not produced top racers. Usually, about 20% are removed. We want to improve the genetics every year and we feel we are accomplishing this goal. 

  We have added several top breeders for 2018. Bruce Gordon of Washington State has raced at a very high level for many decades. Recently his race record has been phenomenal. Check out his results on the Racing Pigeon Mall. He flys in the Northwest Federation. We use Bruce as one of our main source lofts. In 2018 we added several proven racing hens, a son of the Cool’s Hit pair and acquired his great breeding cock “Lucky 77” a grandson of Vandenabeele’s “Witenbuik”. We will add a round off his breeders this fall.


We are also working on importing some young birds from the Netherlands from champion flyer Willem de Bruijn. Willem has been one of the absolute best for many years. We are excited about possibly adding some of his top bloodlines.